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The fact that you are on the battlefield does not mean you can't look classy. And what can look better than a plaid shirt? This is why we've decided to make our new, MBDU Flannel Shirt®. The shit is based on our classic MBDU shirt. It is made of lightweight, yet durable fabric it provides proper antibacterial properties even during prolonged use, while the UPF50 index provides UV protection. Side VersaStretch® panels guarantee the freedom of movements during dynamic activities. Zippered pockets with YKK® zippers on chest and shoulders will accommodate all your essentials. Additionally the loop panels on biceps allow for easy personalization. This shirt is a “must have” for any urban operations. 

-Based on MBDU shirt
-UPF50 fabric
-Anatomic cut
-Large chest pockets
-Upper sleeve pockets
-Buttoned front with canadian style buttons
-Hook&loop adjustable cuffs
-Side VersaStretch® panels
-Armpit ventilation
-Loop panels for personalization
-YKK® zippers


Camasa tactic MBDU Flannel Shirt SLATE BLUE CHECKERED