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DIRECT ACTION® HARD GLOVES are perfect choice for everyone working with firearms. The gloves not only offer modern look, but also, thanks to used fabrics, provide great fitting to your hand. Synthetic leather used on the inner side guarantees high durability and reliable grip, thanks to its antislip properties. The middle finger and thumb are touch screen compatible. Elastic, extended cuff provide tight fitting and additional protection to your wrist, and Hypalon® loop not only helps with donning and doffing of the gloves, but also can be used to hang the gloves on your equipment. 

-Fabrics used on fingers offer great weapon feel
-Highly breathable fabrics
-Elastic fabric bonding to improve fitting and finger mobility
-Compatible with touch screens
-Functional Hypalon® loop for easier don and doff; can also be used for attaching the glove to your gear

94% polyester 6% elastane

Direct Action® Light Manusi

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