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-Takes Universal Carrying Strap
-Rugged carry handles
-Stiff sides
-Flat velcro-closed paper target pocket Zippered outside fap pocket
-Three capacious zippered pockets inside fap
-Two side pockets with velcro panels (one designated Automotve Med Kit® pocket)
-One zippered pocket with internal organizer (velcro panel, loops, zippered pocket)
-Two fat zippered pockets (one designated ddirty pocket’)
-Designated Med-kit uick-access side pocket
-Small velcro panels compatble with Helikon-Tex® Tag Patch system throughout
-Two detachable, fully customizable stf dividers with fat velcro-closed pockets allowing to
organize the contents
-Velcro mountng panels inside to atach Versatle Insert System®-compatble organizers,
pouches and holsters
-Woojin® buckles
-YKK® zippers